Thursday, 10 May 2012


Inside of digipak analysis

These are the five different pictures that are included in the digipak, the pictures will be folded inside the album and the last two pictures will look like Jayme-Lee is kissing herself. We decided to include this so the audience could put it on their wall or just keep it if they are a fan of the artist. All five of the pictures are taken at scenes of her music video this is to emphasise the importance of her debut music video! Moreover the shots are very plain but effective at it shows that Jayme-Lee is just like every other girl with the clothing she is wearing.

This form is also incliuded in the digipak it is a chance to win free tickets to see Jayme-Lee live in concert, the colour scheme is repeated throughout the whole of the digipak this is so it shows a theme that runs throughout. This is another reason why the audience would want to buy her album as it shows there are better outcomes if you buy the album rather then downloading it.

This is a free gesture from the artist whereby the audience doesn't have to pay for postage to send off for the free concert tickets, this again may be a selling point of the album as the audience may feel that the artist is trying her best to help them and offer them free tickets!

One Minute Extract!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Website Analysis

The website I have chosen to analyse is Mariah Carey’s as I believe she represents all the conventions of a pop ‘diva’. The first thing that stood out when analysing was the colour scheme, Mariah has chosen a gold colour scheme with her name boldly across the top of the screen this is so that the audience is clear of who’s website they are on, to complement the bold banner is a  seductive picture of Mariah which again takes the whole length of the page and represents the conventions of women in the pop industry . This bold image stands out straight away and is one of the first things your eye catches when you are on the page!

Another thing that stood out was that you could watch Mariah’s music video directly on the page, this worked well as it promoted the music video as its one of the first things you see!
Everything on the page is gold apart from the products that Mariah is promoting, this shows that her perfumes and clothes are separate to her music however they are equally as important! Moreover the webiste is very easy to naviagte around therefore this may also be while it appeals to her audience.

The next website I chose to analyse was Rita Ora’s, I chose her as she is a new and upcoming artist and we could get ideas on ways of how to promote!
Just as a coincidence the colour scheme was the same as ours, black white and red! We found again that there was a large image of the artist; this is the first thing your eyes go to and also in bold writing the artist’s name which is really easy to read. The picture is also very seductive, as the artist is pouting her lips, this is where we got ideas for some of the images for our digipak.

Jayme-Lee Website Analysis

This is our final design of our artists website, we looked at various other webistes to see what conventions followed through and with different design ideas this is our final product!

Home page

The home page has a header at the top of it is of our artist's album, we thought that this was the main reason of the webiste, to promote the album. We also have an advertisement accross the whole page advertising the store page and where to get the albums from. We also included a news feed lower down on the page and links to our artists official Youtube account where you can also watch the music video and other relevent videos of our artist, we thought this would be a good idea for fan interaction where they can openly comment on the video, and make comments. We also stuck to a colour scheme of red, white and black for this website. We choose a black background as we thought that the pictures would stand out and the red writing would be bold and clear, moreover we chose a plain simple font so the text would stand out!

Tour dates page

The tour dates page is advertising our artists "addictive" tour, we can also see there is an offcial tour banner accross the page for this tour, we can also see the sponser of the tour is "nike", as it is advertised underneath the tour dates banner. We can also see the dates of the tour listed below and what tour company she is with, which is AEG live. We got this idea from Beyonce's official website, we also noticed how everything on her site was Trademarked so we decided to do the same on our site to give it that professional look.

Biography page

We decided to make a biography page because of our research we done, almost all the singers had a biography page, telling the fans about their life and raise to fame as can see we have stuck to the colour scheme again but also you can see sponsors listed across the page. We looked on Pixie Lott's website and saw she had her list of sponsors up on her website, we thought this would be a really good idea to include them as it makes our artist seem a little more interesting and might grab potential fans eyes. We have her partnerships on there such as record labels and music and tour promoters, as well as her actual sponsors such as Nike Loreal and McDonald's. We also noticed in our research most celebrities have charities that they sponsor so our artist is sponsoring war child and KONY2012. We also have pictures at the bottom on the biography to draw the attention of our audience to the bottom of the page.

Store page

We decided to add a store page titled "Addictive" named after the album, on this page you can find digipak artwork of the album cover, you can also find out where to buy the album from, what official retailers will sell the album and the option to buy the single (which is our music video) separately from the album. We also made the album be sponsored by ITunes, so fans can get discounts from the ITunes store rather than paying the full price for it. We saw this on Rihanna's official website as she is sponsored by a music outlet and thought it would be a good idea. You can also find quotes we made for our artist on the bottom of our page and a reason she made the album, we included this to make the users check out the whole page.

We made the website using Macromedia Dreamweaver where we was able to design the website and insert content and the edit the layout so everything fitted together and looked good. We used Photoshop and Macromedia fireworks to edit the pictures on the website and Fireworks to make the website banner and the tour banner as well. I also edited the scripting and coding to make everything go together when we edited the layout of the website, which was a lengthy process but worth it in the end.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jayme-lee biography for website

Jayme-Lee Early Life and Musical Experience:
Jayme-Lee Short was born January 12, 1993 in England. The daughter of a stockbroker and housewife, Jayme-Lee began taking dance lessons at the age of five. At the age of 11 Jayme-Lee received a scholarship to attend London's renowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. There she appeared in a wide range of stage productions including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. At 13 she recorded vocals for Pink Floyd's Roger Waters' opera Ca Ira.
Major Label Signing:

When she was 15 Jayme-Lee answered an ad that simply stated, "Looking for next hot diva." Although the ad asked for someone between the ages of 16 and 25, Lott lied about her age and auditioned anyway. Martin Duke, who placed the ad, became Jayme-Lee’s manager and put her in touch with songwriters in both the US and the UK.
Eventually, American label executive L.A. Reid heard a demo of Jayme-Lee. He flew to England and heard her sing live for him at his hotel. As a result, Reid took her under his wing. Finally, a bidding war resulted in Jayme-Lee’s signing by Mercury Records in the UK and Interscope in the US.
The Style of Jayme-Lee:
Jayme-Lee lists Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as major influences on her style of singing. However, it is impossible to hear some of her soulful tracks and not think also of Amy Winehouse and Duffy. There is also a refreshing teen energy and freshness to Jayme-lee's recordings.
Jayme-Lee's debut single is 'Addictive', released in April 2012. The single went straight to number one on the UK singles chart as well as the iTunes chart, selling over 50,000 copies and being certified platinum in June 2012.

That same month, Jayme-Lee had performed at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, along with
Kasabian and Dizzee Rascal.

The next single due to be released from Addictive is 'Cruel love’. The video for this single is currently being directed by Jake Nava, who has made a name for himself directing videos for BeyoncĂ©,
Leona Lewis and Shakira.

Jayme-Lee has written tracks for other artists, including Lisa Hordijk (the winner of the Dutch X Factor) and Alexandra Burke. 

 Jayme-Leehas also made a number of TV appearances, in productions such as
Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Loose Women and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Front cover ideas!

This was an idea for the front cover but we decided that the other design fitted our artists characteristics more and should be the first image the audience see when buying the album.